Monday, October 17, 2016

Halloween Day 17 - even more new stash

I woke up this morning and walked for 30 minute on my Wii and I even reached 10,000 steps today!!  YAY ME!!!   My hubby came home from his business trip so we watched the Razorback game from Saturday night.  We both knew the score but we waited until he got home to watch it together.

Interesting day at work and we are going to leave it at that.  I am have decided this school year is the year I am working the hours of my contract and that is it.  I just can't handle all the extra thing and drama that is involved at the High School level.  I just can't this year.

Hubby wanted to watch the Bruins Hockey game from Saturday and tonight's game so I spent my evening stitching and watching flosstube!  I am so addicted.  As I type this blog I am watching "The Halloween Baking Championship" on the Food Network channel.  I love to watch cooking show too..I can't cook but I like to see what others can do!

Stitching Day 17:  Victorian Halloween = JCS Halloween 2015 stitched on 32 count Opal Twilight Lugana...not sure which company.  This is a leftover piece in my stash.  

This is her little cat...

Isn't she just precious!!!!

New Stash - I think this is the last of it....  It all came from Stash Unload on Facebook.

This was only $3.00!!  I seem to buying lots of Christmas charts.

I bought it for this scene right here!!  I love house, villages and Christmas!

My love of building and Christmas again...$2.50!

Another Christmas 3rd Teresa Wentzler!!!  What is up with me???? Another one that is lots and lots of blended threads!!!!!  I have to be insane but it was only $3.00....I couldn't pass him up!!  What is wrong with me????

I am seriously considering doing this again during December....Starting a new Christmas project every day in December ....31 starts!!!  WHAT is wrong with me????  That would put me at 62 themed WIPS I am doing the Stitching Blitz on the facebook group Soulful Stitchers where I start a new project every week....that would be a total of 119 projects going by the end of 2017!  I have to be crazy!!

I just have so many Christmas projects that I want to start...I am just going to have to see what I got and what I want to do.


Tiffstitch said...

Great new stash and nice start! If you decide on 31 starts in December I will try my best to post along with you, although I'll be posting WIP photos. :)

Linda said...

Great new start and more awesome stash. I love your December start idea.


Lady Stitch-a-Lot said...

Oh, Victorian Halloween is sooo cute and I love your fabric =)

Your new stash looks once again great, I am sure you#ll have no trouble finding 31 projects for December :D

Heather said...

Crazy but fun! Good luck I love the new stash!