Saturday, October 8, 2016

Halloween Stitching Day 7

I am typing this at 11:58 so this is going to be close..but I am going to try!!   Tonights project is the one that really made want to do this!  I have loved this design since it came out in 2011!!!!   So Here we go:

Day 7:  Elegant Pumpkins JCS Sept/Oct 2011 -  Hand dyed fabric by me using Rit Dye Cocoa Brown.  

This is the pumpkin on the right with the purple bow....not much but I love how it pops on this fabric. now midnight...didn't make the Friday deadline.  This is what happens when I fall asleep in my chair!!!

Is this pattern just gorgeous?????  OH MY!!!!   I just love it!!!!

Side by side.....

Stitchy mail!!!!!
The first is one from Stash Unload -  JBW Designs Advent Calendar with all the charms!!!!

Ebay purchase:  Winnie the Pooh Christmas!!!   Just LOVE!!!!

Ebay Purchase - Designer dollhouse.  This was a digital pattern but I am in LOVE!!!!   So my plan for 2017 is to stitch all the Dollhouses I can if you have a lead on a really cute dollhouse pattern send them my way!!!  just love this!  I have the Joan Elliot one in my stash along with a Maira Diaz from Cross Stitch Collections from this past year.  

Since it is now 12:06 am CST...I will have a post later late tonight!! LOL!!  I adore tomorrows also!!!!  

Night All!!!


Linda said...

More great stash and I too love the pumpkin design Vickie.


Tiffstitch said...

Great start and beautiful dyeing on the fabric. I don't think I have any dollhouses, but I'll have a look through my stash. :)

Lady Stitch-a-Lot said...

The pumpkins are really pretty =) Good start on them! I love your new stash, I am excited to see all the doll houses =)

Pull the other thread said...

Oh I love that pumpkin chart as well. You have a made a great start on it, so looking forward to watching it grow.

Heather said...

Great progress those will really pop on that fabric!