Saturday, October 1, 2016

Halloween Stitching Day 1

 It's October 1st and the first day of my month of Halloween starts!!   I am doing this one for main reason...I am bored with what I have been stitching!!  Seriously!!  I am so bored with Faery Tales I could scream.  That being said, I am taking a month off from Faery Tales so you won't see it until November!!!

Halloween Stitching Day 1:  Raven Queen by Mirabilia stitched on 28 count Mire from Picture this Plus.  I thought about making her dress purple...I am still thinking about it.  Opinions????

As you can see, I didn't get much stitched on her because as I started her the Razorback game was on and I had a lap dog again!  Then I took a 4 hour nap.  I will stitch on her for the rest of the evening while I watch TV. 

I also spent time in my office today working on getting my other October projects kitted up.  I bought 208 Large Gallon ziplock bags from Sams.  I kitted up 16 projects today!   I have a list of DMC, Mill Hill Beads, and specialty threads I need to order plus some fabric I need to dye.   I like to have all my threads in one project not having all the threads in one big box.   The only thread I DIDN"T kit up was black....DEAR LORD this is all Halloween and they all need black! Just going to keep that in one central location.

So I make progress on my UFO Haed projects..I am stitching 30 minutes a day on A Wintery Heirloom this week.  I hope to make progress by doing this.  I did stitch 30 minutes today so here is where I am today:

There is LOTS of Krenick!!  I had to buy 6 spools for this project.  I am working on the 2nd row top left right under the first big tree....if you are curious!


Linda said...

Great start and nice progress Vickie.


Justine said...

Beautiful stitching on both pieces. I love Wintry Heirloom - the soft colours will be gorgeous!

Pull the other thread said...

Lovely start on Raven Queen, a purple conversion could be really nice for this project. Great progress on your HAED as well.

Lady Stitch-a-Lot said...

A great job on Raven Queen =) I think a purple dress would be very lovely =) Good job on working on that UFO as well =) 6 spools of Kreinik truly is a lot!

Tiffstitch said...

Great start and nice progress! I like your idea of purple, especially on the fabric you chose.

OhSewCrafty said...

Beautiful stitching! I think a purple dress would be fabulous on your green fabric. Better than original aqua, in my opinion.

Heather said...

Great choice I'm interested to see what Raven Queen looks like on that fabric when she's done :)