Monday, October 10, 2016

Halloween Stitching Day 9 and HAED Car Project

I thought Sundays were supposed to be relaxing!!  Mine was nothing like that today.   I spent today going through all my Thirty-One Bags to see which bags were in the current catalog.  Since I became a Consultant, I just hang on to them all!!!  I basically have 3 - 18 gallon tubs full of retired products that I hope to find new homes for so I make room in my office!!!   I did washed and dried all the clothes and bedding, they aren't folded but they are steps!!!

Then,  I finally felt like sewing today and I needed to make a baby blanket with matching burp rags. My friend had her baby in March but I just haven't been able to make them.  I physically could not make myself make them.  I am not sure if it was due to my being sick all summer, or just my depression not letting me do it.  I made myself make them....  The turned out cute.  The one on the left is the blanket and the two on the right are the matching burp cloths.


Halloween Stitching Day 9:  Halloween Banner Sampler, JSC Sept/Oct 2012 stitched on 28ct. tea dyed fabric.   Just working on the borders today. 

 What it will look like when I am finished!!!!!

My Car Project HAED -  This is Hot Air Balloon by Bridgit Tavener  It is a Retired HAED Chart...

This is my car project.  The first full pages are finished and those were worked in my recliner.  But everything else has been stitched in my car.   It is all one color 939..Lots of 939.  I usually stitch this when I am stuck at a long light,  waiting on my food to be delivered, take it into the doctors office, just when I know when I need something easy to take with me.   On Tuesday, I will take with me for my oil change, filters, and new brake job!  Lots of stitching time waiting for my car to be fixed. 

Until tomorrow!  


Linda said...

Great new start and wonderful progress on your HAED Vickie. The blanket and burpies are adorable.


blue star stitcher said...

Oh my, all that blue would drive me batty, I love changing colors. The pattern though is very pretty.

Faith... said...

Love your sewing! You have picked another great new start, I think you may make my Halloween stitching list grow! LOL

CalamityJr said...

I'm not a huge Halloween fan, but I do like your new start! How will you be selling your discontinued bags?

Meari said...

The blanket and burb cloths turned out super cute!

Are you sick of 939?!

Good luck on your WIPs.

My house is such a disaster... I am so sick of looking at it, yet I don't feel like doing much. Baby steps, as you say!

Tiffstitch said...

Love the blanket and burp cloths! I hope your friend does too. Nice start, and I think I need to get that issue, very cool Halloween banner!

Lady Stitch-a-Lot said...

Oh my, I am so behind with your posts...:D
Oh, those pumpkins are adorable! =)

Bridgit Tavener has a lot of lovely designs, I think I got the white reindeer family before she was retired - it uses 17 skeins of 939 :D But I think 939 is a really beautiful and dark blue, so that's fine with me ;-)

Heather said...

Great progress I just love that chart :)