Thursday, October 20, 2016

Halloween Stitching Day 20

It has been one of those days.  School was hectic because it is spirit week and the kids were dressed as their favorite characters.  Let me tell you, they were all characters!  LOL!!!

It is Thursday night, which means Project Runway night!!  I love this show!  It amazes me what they can create in a day.  I am like wow! Tim Gunn is a very handsome man, so polished, put together.  My husband made me a deal...If I would make him some popcorn, he would move to the bedroom.  I agreed to this deal.  Right when they were examining the outfits of the highs/low scores my cable box shut off!  What the heck?  Seems the box in the bedroom was giving my husband trouble so he called the cable company who remotely restarted all the boxes!!  WHAT?????    It seems the cable box needs to be replaced which wouldn't be a problem but it has all my movies stored on there!!

I told DH that I would spend the weekend stitching and watching all my movies so he could switch out the box. Hmm...what a horrible way to spend the weekend.  Stitching, watching hallmark movies, masterpiece theater movies... I will bite the bullet for my husband.

Stitching Day 20: Sit for a Spell by The Cricket Collection No. 316 - stitched on some type of mint green funky fabric that just feels weird.

The start of the first can't see it because it is stitched with 3866. 

 This is just so cute!!!!

So happy that tomorrow is Friday!  I got an email today reminding me of my college class that is meeting on Saturday  from 8 to 3:30!!!  Going to be a long day!!!

Have a great stitchy day tomorrow and I will chat with you then.


Pull the other thread said...

Oh no how will you ever get through a weekend of watching movies and stitching, sounds just awful ;D Have a nice time, love your new start.

Justine said...

That is seriously cute! Hope you get through your awful weekend!

Linda said...

Great start Vickie.


Lady Stitch-a-Lot said...

I hope you somehow managed to survive your week end ;-) Lovely new start once more =)

Heather said...

Oh man that sounds awful! *sigh* the sacrifices we make ;)

What a cool design :)