Saturday, October 15, 2016

Halloween Stitching Day 14 - and New Stash!!!!

Thank goodness it is Friday!  My husband is out of town so I can watch TV and stitch to my hearts content...can you say Flosstube marathon????  So excited...  I want to say thank you to everyone who has stopped by to see my new Halloween starts!!!   If you have a blog please enter the link in the comments so I can pop over and say hi!!!!    Not saying much more...lots to show you!!!

Halloween Stitching Day 14:  Trick or Treat Coasters  JCS Halloween 2016.  Stitched on 28 count white evenweave as a banner.

I really would have gotten more stitched but I have been sucked into my 3 video games on my phone.  They are running Halloween tasks that have to be finished by the end of the month..

Here is the first square.  I am not really impressed with the little black square border....
 Here is it up close...I think I am going to add some pretty beads in each square...what do you think?  Plain or jazz it up with beads...

Here they are from the magazine.

New Stash!!!!!  I was reading the blog Stitching with my furbabies and  Linda is stitching these cute little buildings that represent one letter of the alphabet and I had to have them!!!!   So off to Ebay I went....I found the magazine and won 2 more...all for $6.00 including shipping.

 Aren't these just darling????  There are 26 of them!!!  I can't wait to stitch them all!!!

another magazine in the auction - February 2005 ...I forgot how cute these designs could be!

 I like this stitching one...not sure why but it is calling my name.

Magazine #3 Oct. 2006

Just love these quilt designs!!!!
  Another stitching room one!

Hit a Sale!!!!  Herrschners is having a magazine clearance sale...They were only $0.99 and there was a code to get 10% off.   At the time I ordered these magazines they were also having a $1.00 download sale so I bought from there too....NO JUDGING!!!

Holiday 2015 - Like the design on front

 Puppy and Kitty with Santa tags are adorable

 Winter 2015: Love this door design

 Love this stocking design.  I am thinking of stitching it and framing it.  I don't want to make a stocking.  Opinions???

January 2015 -

Loved this design but it is part 3 of the 3 part I had to go find parts 1 and 2 correct????

Really love this cute design!!!!   

So the sale is still going on...I might have ordered a few more $0.99 magazines.  I also have placed an order for the new Mirabilia that was released tonight.....Here she is..

Portrait of Veronica

Hope you enjoyed my start and new stash!!!!   Chat with you later!  Please leave a link to your blog!!!!  


Justine said...

Wow that was a huge stash haul! I don't know why but Veronica has just started shouting my name...

Faith... said...

Oh you started the coasters! That black border is very time consuming but interesting. Great new stash; I love the stitching one!

Linda said...

I think your Halloween piece looks fine Vickie. Love all of your new stash. Thanks for the link to my blog and glad you found the magazine. I think they will be a lot of fun to stitch once I get back to them. (In about 20 years) lol


Lady Stitch-a-Lot said...

Great new start again =) I think some beads would be great. I recently started a Mill Hill kit for Halloween and it had some beads in "metallic rainbow" in them (00374 it says in the pattern) and they are amazing, they are dark but shine in lovely blue/purple/green shades. I am so happy MH always puts in millions of beads, I have so many left over from those :D They would be great for such a project ;-)

So many lovely new magazines, I wish we could get such offers here in Germany (I can got to a shop at the station and they have like one international stitching magazine that cost like $15 and I can't take a look inside...German magazines rarely exist and the once I found don't really have a lot of projects in them :( ) I thin there are a lot of lovely projects in there, I love the design from the January 2015 cover, so nice and calm or that stocking from the Winter 2015! I hope to see some of these lovely winter designs stitched soon =)

Mii Stitch said...

I would wait to see how the middle of the square fill up and then decide. You might be right to jazz it up with beads though.
Crazy new HUGE stash!!! Veronica looks so pretty, I don't blame you for adding her to your basket.

Von said...

That's quite a haul you got! Plenty to keep you out of trouble!
Hope you had a great stitchy weekend as you planned.

Tiffstitch said...

More awesome stash! I need to check out this magazine sale. :) Thanks for the tip.

For the new start, see how the middle is, then decide on beads. A simple border may be what a bright, busy central design needs.

Heather said...

Great new stash!