Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Stitching day 29 and 30.

I know!!  I didn't post yesterday but there is a reason!  My Saturday, I started grading my seniors year round projects around 11 am and I did not finish until I was finished which was at 3:30 pm!!  OMG!!  They were bad...we have math corrections...lots of corrections.   Then, I went to the Hobby Lobby, Joanns and Sams.  The best time to go to Sams is at 6:00 pm on a Saturday...NO LINES.

Came home and DH was watching boring  So I decided to gather the magazines I had marked and started printing patterns..Lots of patterns!  It  was so much fun and a little overwhelming about how many things I want to stitch..can I please win the lottery????

Today..I spent another 4 hours grading my 9-11 math papers  I am so behind in my grading.  When I was really sick, I fell behind and just can't catch up.  It is awful.  I have parents emailing everyday asking when I am going to get my papers graded.  I can't say what I want to say instead I say "I hope by this weekend."

Stitching day 29:  Feather Tree - JCS Halloween Collection.  28 count monaco tea-dyed by me!

This is nothing like I normally stitch but it really caught my eye!

 What it should look like...I think I did good dying my own fabric.

Day 30:  Haunted Library - Mill Hill 18 count aida - hand dyed using Rit Denim blue by me!

I love Mill Hill kits but I really hate sorting the threads.  I think they should have a column telling you how many skeins there are of each color.  That would make it easier!

 This is so cute!!!!


Mii Stitch said...

The Mill Hill looks amazing!!!

Lady Stitch-a-Lot said...

Oh my, grading those papers sounds like a lot of work. I am doing my phd right now and this also involves teaching, I am so happy that I only have to teach twice a week this year (and grade the final exam), during the last year (and the one before) I also had to correct and grade the students weekly homework and that took a lot of time every week (let alone one or two hours per week to enter their results into the computer system...). And after all, I enjoy teaching way more than reading a few hundred sheets of homework...

I really love the Mill hill one, their kits are so much fun! Right now I am stitching the I love Halloween design (soo pretty) ;-) Nearly have an entire set of DMC by now, so if I am unsure I match the threads to my bobbins. But when I sorted through the I love Halloween one and started stitching I got super confused, because it was supposed to have 3 shades of orange, but I only sorted out two :D But I found the "missing" shade after a while, two shades were just so similar!

Tiffstitch said...

nice starts! I agree about the Mill Hill kits. I'm fighting right now on Boo House with beige, brown, gold and dark beige.

Heather said...

Great starts I love the fabric you dyed! I'll probably dye some of my own this weekend :)