Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Halloween Stitching Day 11

Last day of Fall Break and I had to take my car for a checkup.  It needed the oil changed, filters and brakes.  I had an hour of uninterrupted stitching time on my HAED project.   Then,  I went to a couple of thrift stores, Joanns, Hobby Lobby and the mall...I bought NOTHING!  Can you believe that???  Nothing!!!  I came home and took a nap.  I do so love a nice nap.  My husband likes to wake me up to let me know he is going golfing.  Thanks hunny!!  So woke up, popped some corn  added some melted butter(the real stuff) and read for a while. 

Halloween Stitching Day 11 - Mill Hill Moonlit Kitties stitched on 28 ct hand dyed fabric using Rit Dye Denim.

I then pulled out the project I was supposed to do but it was not just saying stitch me so I switched places with this one. I like these kitties...until I had to sort the threads.  Tiger Lily and Bert decided they wanted the threads so it was a struggle.  

Not much stitched because my hubby brought home Johnny Carino's Italian Nachos for dinner,  plus I was playing Disney Emoji Blitz..I am hooked on that game and Disney Magic Kingdom.

Stitch Mail - I really have to stop saying ME please on Stash Unload and hitting the BID Now button on EBAY!!!

Ebay purchase - Happy Everything in Snowmen!!!  OMG!!! I just loved them!!! So cute!!!!  

Here is the close up of them!!  Aren't they cute????

Stash Unload -  Someone had this for $3.00!!!!  A Teresa Wentzler for $3.00!!!!  I had to say me please!  I just love this design!!!

Here is a close up of it!

As I sit here hanging my head in shame at the stash I have bought...the sad thing is that I still have a stack of things to show off!!!  Until tomorrow!!!!   


Pull the other thread said...

Lovely new start. Fantastic stash you have gotten.

Laura said...

I love your Teresa Wentzler and what a great deal!

Linda said...

Great new start and stash Vickie.


Tiffstitch said...

Great start and an adventure! I finally started my Halloween stitching now too. Since I'm so late posting about it, I'm going for 31 photos of Halloween stitching. Now to get my post up.

Lady Stitch-a-Lot said...

The Mill Hill kist are so lovely and addicting =) Great start =)

Love your new stash, the Teresa Wentzler looks great =)

Heather said...

Great new stash the TW is so pretty :)