Thursday, October 6, 2016

Halloween Stitching Day 6

Hi everyone!!!  I had a great start to tonight's project.   I will show you this first...then I have some new stash and a funny hubby story!!

Day 6:  Spell Store - JCS Halloween 2013 issue.  28 ct. Tea Dyed fabric.  I have a couple of shelves started...not much but I really love this design!!

My hubby...he saw my catalog and said, "I don't want to buy you stitching things...that isn't fun.  Just buy it yourself"  I looked at my husband and said "You are buying me a Christmas is fun for me.  I don't find racing games fun but I buy them for you because you do" He looked at me a little shocked and said "you are right....Ok...I will buy you some kits!!"   Sometimes I wonder about him!  Even though he did tell me to buy myself some new stash!!!  Think I may run with that!!!!!  

My postman delivered some of my new stash today.....

Snowy String by Lizzie kate

 Spooky String by Lizzie kate

Thankful String by Lizzie Kate 

LOVE this one!!!  I am thinking of just not stitching the wings.  Just making her a pretty lady!!!  What do you think???
Passione Ricamo - The Queen of Fairies.

I found this one on Ebay for $4.00.  I don't have much Thanksgiving items and I really liked this one!!  It has a family tree one but those people look I am only stitching the Thanksgiving items.  

the Indian headdress is what was calling my name.  Not sure why but it is!!!!  

Have I told you how much I love watching Floss Tube videos!!  It is so addicting!!

Until tomorrow!!!  Have a great day!


Tiffstitch said...

Excellent start and well done explaining to DH how the gift thing is supposed to work. :) I love your new stash!

Laura said...

I like all your stash, the Passione Ricamo is gorgeous. She is one of my faves.

Pull the other thread said...

Oh I love that Halloween chart too, I must get round to it one of these days. Your start is fantastic. Lovely new stash. I think the Queen of Fairies would look great as either a lady or fairy, she is beautiful.

Lady Stitch-a-Lot said...

Oh I love the Queen on the Fairies, she is so elegant and beautiful =) The Spells store looks great, I love your fabric =) MY BF also asked me about Christmas, I was like "oh I am easy, just get me something to stitch or read" :D (you know those people where you spent ages to find something for them and nothing seems to be right? I think we can be proud to be way easier to make happy! )

Linda said...

Another cute start Vickie. I love your new stash.


Faith... said...

Another nice selection! You are really building up your stash pile lately. I love those LK Strings (I think I have some in my stash somewhere).

To funny with your DH, but I think you put it in perspective for him!

Heather said...

Great new stash enjoy!